Liposonics, HIFU and Diode Laser therapy are three of the most exciting advances to be made in the personal health and body image field in some time.  Liposonics and HIFU are a further development on Ultrasound which we have been using for many years to safely look into our bodies.  Diode Laser therapy developed through the space race.  We are now able to concentrate these energies to target, break up and destroy fat cells and regenerae Collagen and  Elastin safely and painlessly creating  truely remarkable results right through the skin.



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If you can pinch an inch or more and are having abdominal liposonics in a two hour treatment you will lose 1.5 to 5 centemeters. (Average immediate loss 3-5 cm).

How It Works


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            Lose Centimetres Fast and Effectively!


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Diode Lasers

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Darwin's Body Sculpting, HIFU Facelift, and Liposuction Alternative

          Safe, Painless and Non Invasive with No Down Time, Instant Gratification,

                                Improved Self Esteem, Improved Self Confidence


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