The saggy bum.  Get it toned up and solid again using our help, the right foods and some exercise.  This is great for cellulite in the back of the legs as well. Two hours.  Combined LED Laser and Ultrasonic treatment.

Price $650



If your face has become a little puffy around the eyes, jaws and chin we can safely dissolve some of the excess fatty tissue giving you a naturally younger look.  Combined Diode LED Laser and Bi-Polar and Tri-Polar treatment.  $650

HIFU $1,200 plus.



If you can pinch an inch we can give you immediate assistance.  The most common need is to lose that excess belly fat.  There is an interview and and assissment prior to your first treatment and  time  2 hrs. Combined LED Laser and Ultrasonic.

Price $650



Those love handles just gotta go.  This treatment usually lasts about 2 hours.  Combined LED Laser and Ultrasonic treatment.

Price $650



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We Feel That if you take the time to come and see us that we need enough time to make a difference.  All our treatments are apx 2 hours long.





Body Scuplting!  Man boobs, sagging breasts, back lumps and about anything you can think of we can most likely help with including compitition fine tuning. Spider vein removal.


Price after consultation.

IMG_0435 copy

You can easily see the difference in the leg on the right just reduced to the one on the left yet to do.

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Hair Testing using the Bio Profiler with the test results sent by internet to Germany where they are interpted and returned in Fifteen Minutes to create your health profile.  $110